Continual growth means adapting

Continual growth means improving

Continual growth means never fearing change

George Urvari & Peter Guinane built a highly successful multimillion-dollar marque brand landscape business in Canada’s largest city, Toronto. Leveraging their knowledge, systems, & process, Knowledge Tree Consulting guides companies away from pitfalls and towards accelerated success. Reduce waste, risk, and stress by learning and adopting best practices.

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George Urvari

As a co-founder of Oriole Landscaping, George has grown Oriole for over 30 years. He has a natural business acumen which helped to drive the development of the company from a small service venture into a multimillion-dollar business. George is also a regular speaker, teacher and consultant for the landscape industry. Most recently, he has been travelling across the US, coaching other companies and helping them implement budgeting, estimating and planning software. He is a former President of the Toronto Chapter of Landscape Ontario.Get in touch

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Peter Guinane

Peter co-founded Oriole Landscaping in 1986 with his business partner, George Urvari, to put themselves through university. Since then, Peter has built an award-winning firm offering landscape design, construction, and project management. He is an active and supportive member of the green industry, previously holding the position of Chair of Canada Blooms, Chair of the Contractor Sector group, Vice-Chair of the Landscape Canada Committee with the Canadian Nursery and Landscape Association, and is currently on the Board for Landscape Ontario.Get in touch

“You opened up our mind, so we stopped being limited by our own company. I look forward to seeing us progress every 6 months.”

— Andras Ivanka, Ivanka Concrete

“George's guidance has helped us grow over 300%, while making our business run more smoothly.”

— Sam Bauman, Earthscape

“We became way better leaders, and our team is a lot more motivated, seeing clear goals.”

— Andras Ivanka, Ivanka Concrete

“I personally have worked less hours every year over the past 4 years, and this has been in part due to George's business advice.”

— Sam Bauman, Earthscape

“After your consulting session, we have a deeper understanding of our own management and owners involvment.”

— Andras Ivanka, Ivanka Concrete

“We were very pleased with Knowledge Tree Consulting. George was very attentive and listened to our concerns.”

— Claudia Baun, B.K.Baun Landscape ltd.

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The 6 Branches

Success = 6 healthy branches of your business. Our guidance focuses-in on each of these branches, making sure they are functioning efficiently. Our approach will help you create a less-stressful, turn-key business.



Learn pricing strategy, asset management, and develop your risk management strategy. Manage MONEY within budgets to ensure yearly profits while mitigating legal & liability considerations.



Determine the best hiring practices to create superior teams of people, limit staff turnover, and decide who needs to be let go. Establish optimal CORPORATE CULTURE to develop harmony in your company.



Employing PEOPLE, EQUIPMENT, SUBCONTRACORS & MATERIALS to consistently get projects done in little time, with zero defects. This means using Kai Zen to optimize crew assignments, scheduling, etc.



Implement the best SYSTEMS & SOFTWARE PROCEDURES (leverage LMN for your budget, CRM, estimating, QuickBooks, & design software) to guarantee the effective transfer of information with the least number of steps.



Develop, review, & improve your marketing plan and website. The goal of Sales is to create the perfect balance between OPTIMAL CLIENTS & WORKFLOW to maximize predictable profits and sustainable growth.



Find the right mentors to develop the best leadership practices. Develop the thinking processes to maximize your self-regulating ability. Then consistently drive the RIGHT DECISIONS to improve and grow your business, leadership and staff.

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Landscape Management Network

LMN software is the key interface between your mind and your business. It allows for the application of technology to streamline admirative processes and perfect operational results. George and Peter are experts in using Landscape Management Software and can help you save thousands of hours by perfecting its use. Get LMN for free today

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