“After your consulting session, I clearly see and feel the following facts: we have a deeper understanding of our own management and owners involvment. Lower everyday the stress level. More confidence in strategy and decision making. We became way better leaders, and our team is a lot more motivated, seeing clear goals. The software you introduced us, LMN is a perfect choice for a project based company like us, after the right parameters were set up. You opened up our mind, so we stopped being limited by our own company. I look forward to seeing us progress every 6 months.”

— Andras Ivanka, Ivanka Concrete

“We were very pleased with Knowledge Tree Consulting. George was very attentive and listened to our concerns. He brought many things to our attention on how it should be billed in our business, and therefore ensuring it was costed properly, resulting in us saving money. He had some good tips on how we could organize our garage/shop/yard better as well, making it more efficient.”

— Claudia Baun, B.K.Baun Landscape ltd.

“George has been offering Earthscape consulting services over the past 8 years. In that time, his guidance has helped us grow over 300%, while making our business run more smoothly. I personally have worked less hours every year over the past 4 years, and this has been in part due to George's business advice. George was also influential in helping set up LMN software, and navigated around some potentially large pitfalls.”

— Sam Bauman, Earthscape